Rice Exporter

Exporters of Rice

Galaxy Rice has earned outstanding status among the exporters of rice with its commitment to give the quality rice to people of different regions of the world. We purchase excellent paddy to process it with our fine milling capacity and finally offer the selected grains to the customers in excellent packing. We are sellers of different species of rice grain. As a rice exporter we are determined to keep the high standards that we set right from the beginning. The process of refining the grains of same size is done with modern techniques to make them more presentable and also to improve their shelf life.

Export of Rice

Export of Rice to other countries is a big liability as well so we owes this responsibility and discharge it with utmost care. We have the best milling facilities to categorize the product of paddy fields and to offer it to the international buyers. Rice is one of the major crops of the country and the growers cultivate it in abundance so there are many rice exporters Pakistan has to meet the needs of the international market as well. We are part of the lot that has a good repute in the international market in providing best quality rice from Pakistan.

Rice Exporters of Pakistan

Rice exporters of Pakistan offer the finest quality rice of different kinds to the people of every region. The quality, taste and Aroma of Pakistani rice is matchless so the international buyers prefer to buy this food grain from us. The products of Galaxy Rice are very much in demand for the quality it promises and delivers.Pakistan Rice Export is on the rise and the main reason is the particular taste that the buyers could not able to have in rice of other regions. Moreover we remain conscious about the quality we guarantee to the client in every shipment. Galaxy Rice is making headway with the passage of time on the basis of commitment to excellence.

Largest Rice Exporter

Competition has always been on to become the largest rice exporter of the country. We on the grounds of superior standards and commitment to deliver the order in time aspire to become Largest Rice Exporter of the country. The basics of the business are observed and followed strictly. To be the largest exporter of rice we use to keep the excellence of rice maintained. Every single grain is processed before being packed and we deliver the same standard in every unit of packing. The assurance of fine quality is the only feature that has made us top rice exporters of the country. The selective purchase of fine paddy and its doling out in the most modern mills are the constant characteristics that lead to the success in exporting rice in bulk to the countries of the world.

Basmati Rice Exporter

Basmati is the best quality rice on the basis of its features that are not even matched by the other species of this grain. We are known as basmati rice exporter because most of our orders by the buyer from other countries are for this kind of rice. Basmati rice exporters come of the typical region as it is more a regional species that can not be grown of the same quality anywhere in the world. We are fortunate to be in the area where millions of tons of world’s finest basmati rice are grown. With the most modern milling technology we ensure the quality of rice.